About Us

Since the early 2000's, our mission at SDS Skateboards was to be the backbone for your neighborhood skate shop.  To create quality skate goods that wouldn't break the bank at any level = Skateboarding for all.

As our goods grew in popularity, they almost took a life of their own.  We started reaching shops out of state, then internationally.  We were mind-blown, but knew it was because we stayed true to our mission and were honest with everyone we met.  We were (and still are) a small group of no-name guys who didn’t have big financial backing, weren’t the “cool” kids (most of us are art nerds still to this day) but knew getting riders on quality goods from the get-go was important.

20-something years later after weathering multiple cycles in the industry, we're still here staying true to our goal to create great products at honest prices, for the skaters.

SDS Skateboards

3100 E Cedar St STE 24
Ontario, CA 91761
(909) 762-0348